GetLase® Laser Beam Analysis Software

Laser Beam Analysis Software

Compatible With PhaseView Products:

  • Laser Beam Profilers : BeamWave Series

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Graphics User Interface & Software Development Kit 7, Vista, XP, Compatible With Graphics Processor Units

GetLase Graphical User Interface

  • Up to 4 simultaneous display windows
    • 2D and 3D intensity & wavefront
    • ISO beam parameters & profiles
  • Beam Parameters
    • 4Sigma Waist, centroid and Peak location
    • Major and Minor axes, ellipticity, eccentricity
    • Power, Gaussian Fit
    • Wavefront, Zernike coefficients, PSF, Strehl ratio
    • M2, Divergence, Rayleigh range
  • Beam Propagation Analysis
    • Intensity distribution at any specified planes

GetLase Software Development Kit

  • Image processing functions for computing wavefront from intensity images
  • C/C++ interface – support hardware acceleration

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