Beam Monitoring

Key Features

Wavelength 2 - 16 µm
Pixels 640x480
Pixel Pitch 17 µm
Image Area 10.88 x 8.16 mm
Wavefront Measurement Points / lateral resolution 640x480 / 17µm
Sensitivity 0.01 λ
Dynamic Range 1 500 λ
Weight 272 g
Dimensions 61 x 67 x 66 mm
PC Interface USB 2.0
Windows 7, XP, Vista

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BeamWave 10 beam alignment sensor features:

    • Beam monitoring in both transverse plane (XY) and longitudinal (Z) directions;
    • Measurement of beam parameters & low order term wavefront aberrations;
    • Real time XYZ0 in a single and affordable sensor;
    • Self calibrated;
    • USB Connection to PC;
    • Compact Housing: H: 44.00 mm, W: 44.00 mm, L: 25.40 mm;
    • Intuitive GUI Software: Alignment Tool.

PhaseView‘s BeamWave 10, incorporate CMOS cameras with 1.3 Megapixel resolution, providing accurate measurements of beam parameters and wavefront aberrations of low orders.

BeamWave 10 allows real time centering and beam quality adjustments. XY position of the incoming beam tilt, defocus and astigmatism can be quickly and accurately adjusted. In addition, power, beam size and ellipticity are provided to ease beam monitoring.

GUI Software

The BeamWave 10 comes with the Alignment tool software for fast XYZ0 beam line adjustments.

BeamWave 10 can be upgraded to become compatible with the GetLase LE software for full low & high order aberrations measurement and wavefront analysis, please refer to BeamWave 10 section Overview & Tutorial.

Model BeamWave 10
Imaging detect type CMOS
Camera Resolution 1280 x 1024
Pixel Size 5.20 μm
Frame rate (Max) 15 Hz
Exposure Range 40 μs – 70 ms
Image Digitization 10 Bit
Wavelength 400 – 900 nm
Wavefront Measurement Points 350 x 350
Wavefront Lateral Resolution 5.20 μm
Free Aperture Diameter 2 mm
Measured Parameters Position, Size, Power, Ellipticity
Saturation Intensity, Lowest
measurable signal
1.70 μW/cm2, 0.9 nW/cm2
(CW @633 nm, w/o ND filters)
Measured Aberrations Low & High Orders Up to 36 Zernike Coefficients
Wavefront Accuracy λ / 15 @ 633 nm
Wavefront Sensitivity λ / 50 @ 633 nm
Focus Dynamic Range 1200 λ
Tilt Dynamic Range 15o
Tilt Measurement Sensitivity 6 μrad
Focus Dynamic Range 1200 Lambda
Optical Interface Connector C-mount
Physical Dimensions H: 44.00 mm, W: 44.00 mm, L: 25.40 mm
Weight 35 g

How the BeamWave Works

BeamWave does not use lenslet array, instead, the beam is split to form two image planes onto a CMOS camera using a beam splitter. This allows real time acquisition of two intensity images (Image 1 & Image 2) of the incoming beam along its propagation axis. The beam propagation distance between the two image planes is given by the distance dZ. The wavefront measurement plane is at the exact position of the camera detector plane.

Real time acquisition of Images 1 & 2.

dZ is the beam propagation distance between Image plane 1 and Image plane 2

BeamWave 10 is operated with the Alignment Tool software. BeamWave 10 can be upgraded to become compatible with GetLase LE software providing full low and high wavefront orders and Zernike analysis. Please refer to BeamWave 10 Tutorial section.

When BeamWave 10 is operated with Alignment tool software, the beam shape is analyzed in real time with fast & accurate image processing. By comparing beam shape variations of the two image planes, xy position and low order aberrations (tilt, defocus and astigmatism can be measured).

Understanding with Basic Examples


BeamWave 10 comes with the Alignment tool software for quick and fine adjustments of XYZ0 beam parameters adjustments with 4 quadrants display for intuitive user adjustment.

Alignment Tool

The Alignment Tool software provides the ability to monitor light beams in both transverse plane (XY) and longitudinal direction (Z), in one single device without moving components, by measuring:

    • XY Beam Position;
    • Tilt;
    • Defocus;
    • Astigmatism;
    • Beam Parameters: power, size, ellipticity.

Alignment Tool Software

Window showing measurements of XY Beam Position, Tilt, Defocus & Astigmatism, with the possibility to check these parameters against user-defined tolerances.

Alignment Tool Software

Window showing parameters of the beam incident on the camera.

Typical Use

  • Wavefront analysis and beam characterization of FIR CW or pulsed sources and laser assemblies from 2 to 16µm

Key Advantages

  • Diagnostic of all laser beam parameters
  • Beam profiler & Wavefront sensor in one device
  • High spatial resolution for both intensity and wavefront measurements
  • Compact & light beam profiler for pulsed & CW lasers

PhaseView Software Compatibility

    • GetLase
    • GetWave

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