Optics Testing For R&D Labs & Production

WaveGauge® Reflection

Optics Testing


Parameter WaveGauge® - R
Lens Diameter Range, mm
Radius of Curvature range, mm -12 to +12
Radius of Curvature accuracy, µm 2
Radius of curvature repeatability, µm 0.6
Measurement Time, second 1

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Typical Use

  • Quality Control for R&D and production
  • Measurement of Radius of Curvature:
    • Contact lens Molds
    • Front Curve / Back Curve Quality control

Key Advantages

  • Fast measurement adapted for production line, shop floor and R&D Labs
  • Insensitive to vibration
  • Accurate & highly repeatable measurements
  • Pass Fail for production line

PhaseView Software Compatibility

  • GetWave®, GetWave® Operator

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