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ZeeCam features the most advanced properties for fast and precise z-scanning. Instead of using traditional motorized means such as stepper motors or piezo devices, ZeeScan uses a proprietary optical assembly for 3D scanning integrating the latest advances of digital lens technology, leading to accurate and highly repeatable z-steps for 3D acquisition and analysis.

ZeeCam is compatible with upright or inverted material microscopes. No microscope modification or additional accessory is required. All types of objectives magnification and numerical aperture can be used.

ZeeCam comes with GetPhase software that includes comprehensive tools for Z depth measurement, 3D surface topography, roughness and step height measurements.

Sucessfully used for applications such as:

Metal  Paint  Electronics  Coatings  Ceramic  Polymers  Semiconductor Materials  Gemology  Museum  Forensics


For R&D, quality control labs and shop floor


For 3D surface analysis and quality control


Ideal tool for form & roughness measurement, Z-depth measurement, 3D surface topography, automatic depth composition


No motorization thanks to remote focusing principle



3D Microscope add-on
microscope interface: video port with c-mount, recommended 1" c-mount coupler
integrated high resolution camera (3 models available)
3D surface analysis
3D shape measurement in micrometer precision range
roughness measurement in Ra, Rq: 0.01 ‐500μm range
Z range and resolution are objective dependent
Z accuracy / repeatability: 1% / 0.35%
see datasheet for complementary specifications
Connections & PC Interface
Electronic control unit with USB2 connection

GetPhase includes comprehensive acquisition, display and measuring tools:

3D acquisition & rendering

3D Surface analysis, profiles and roughness

Export 3D data to 3rd party software

Report editor