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ZeeScope is a cost effective stand-alone 3D microscope especially designed for R&D and quality control laboratories.  ZeeScope is a robust, fast and precise 3D surface metrology instrument.

Instead of using traditional motorized means such as stepper motors or piezo devices, ZeeScope uses a proprietary optical assembly for 3D scanning integrating the latest advances of digital lens technology, leading to accurate and highly repeatable z-steps for 3D acquisition and analysis.  ZeeScope integrates a LED coaxial illumination, a high resolution camera and an optical Z-scanner digitally controlled by USB connection.

The all-in-one 3D microscope comes with GetPhase software including comprehensive tools for Z depth measurement, 3D surface topography, roughness and step height measurements.

Sucessfully used for applications such as:

Metal  Paint  Electronics  Coatings  Ceramic  Polymers  Semiconductor Materials  Gemology  Museum  Forensics


For R&D, quality control labs and shop floor


For 3D surface analysis and automated 3D microscopy platforms


Ideal tool for form & roughness measurement, Z-depth measurement, 3D surface topography, automatic depth composition


No motorization thanks to remote focusing principle




Stand-alone 3D Microscope
integrated camera (3models available) and coaxial illumination, supplied with base stand, compatible with a large range of objectives
3D surface analysis
3D shape measurement in micrometer precision range
roughness measurement in Ra, Rq: 0.01 ‐500μm range
Z range and resolution are objective dependent
Z accuracy / repeatability: 1% / 0.35%
see datasheet for complementary specifications
Connections & PC Interface
Electronic control unit with USB2 connection

GetPhase software includes comprehensive acquisition, display and measuring tools:

3D acquisition & rendering, image fusion (EDF)

3D Surface analysis, profiles and roughness

Export 3D data to 3rd party software

Report editor