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Alpha3 is a new generation of light sheet microscope addressing the needs of high temporal resolution along with spatial high-resolution to achieve qualitative and quantitative 3D imaging of fixed or live biological specimen.

From in-vivo imaging to large cleared samples, the Alpha3 microscope delivers unprecedented image quality while keeping the necessary flexibility and modularity expected for cutting-edge scientific research instruments.

Typical applications of Alpha3 include in toto imaging of small animal models such as whole mouse embryos, morphogenesis and embryogenesis of model organisms: C.elegans, Drosophila, Zebra fish, live imaging of cell cultures, functional imaging of neuronal activity, fluorescence imaging of marine organisms or plant developmental biology.

Modular light sheet microscope
Fully flexible imaging system for easy adaptation to any experiments. Large selection of detection objectives from 2X to 60X,  air, dipping lenses, clearing objectives with correction collar for RI matching. Upgreadable  with new excitation and emission  wavelength, illumination and detection objectives, incubation enclosure, XY tiling or fast scanning modules

High-performance imaging with smart light sheet illuminators
Multi-directional light sheet performing real time laser focus sweeping to extend the thinnest focus area over the entire field of view, artefacts-free imaging and ultra fast Z-stacking

From in-vivo to cleared samples, from small to large specimen
Macro to micro view imaging, from whole organs at sub-cellular resolution to very small specimen;

Fast and Easy sample mounting 
Versatile chamber with easy access; Multiple accessories provided for sample mounting to accommodate a large variety of specimens including coverlips, glass support with clamps, molding tools; Compatible with all clearing solutions: aqueous buffers and organic solvents






Laser source
Laser combiner with up to 4 or 6 laser lines
Excitation wavelength from 405nm to 785nm
Output power from 25 to 250mW.
Fibered connection to light sheet generator
Light sheet generator
Single or dual smart illuminators
Multi-directional light sheet with real time focus sweeping
and fast 3D scanning capabilities
Minimum light sheet thickness 2µm, constant thickness across the whole field of view with focus sweeping
Optimized optical unit for chromatic correction
Chamber & Holders
For sample size from µm to cm range
Chamber highly resistant to various corrosive medium, clearing agents, sea water,
Standard and large chamber available, dimensions : W 21/30mm, L 70/90mm, H 25/33mm; Vol < 15ml/60ml
Multiple sample mounting accessories to accommodate different sample sizes and natures: molds, coverslips, glass supports
Optional: Incubation enclosure for temperature, CO2 and humidity controls.
Volume scanning
Z motorized stage: range 15mm, precision 0.1µm, acquisition speed 40 fps
Optional: XY motorized stages for tiling: X range 15mm, Y range 15 or 25mm, precision 0.1µm
Optional: ultra fast 3D scanning module (75 images /second)
Detection unit
Fluorescence microscope stand comprising objective turret 1 or 2 positions , eyepieces, video port, transmitted light, motorized filter wheel with up to 6 emission filters, multi-notch rejection filter
Detection lenses
Large selection of Long Working Distance objectives with high Numerical Aperture :
air, water dipping lenses, clearing objectives with correction collar RI 1.33 - 1.56 (i.e 10x0.6 and 25x0.95)
Objective Magnification from 2X to 60X
Image Sensor
sCMOS 2048 x 2048 pixels, format 13 x 13 mm, 6.5µm square pixels., USB3 / CameraLink Interface
QtSPIM software for multi-dimensional image acquisition: Z-stacks, XY, Tiling, rotation, multi-channel and time lapse acquisition. Easy export of raw images (16 bit TIFF) with metadata, compatible with open source or commercial 3rd party software
Desktop i7-9700K 4.9Ghz – 32Go RAM - GPU GeForce GTX1060-6Go - Hard Disk 4 x 4To RAID0 - Hard Disk SSD 1To , QHD Screen 31.5”, Windows 10 / 64b Pro

From sample mounting to image acquisition, Alpha3 performs seamless light sheet imaging. The QtSPIM software provides clear and intuitive interface to collect X,Y,Z,θ,T,λ images at maximum speed. QtSPIM controls all image acquisition parameters. Along with a workstation grade computer with an optimized configuration, the microscopy system performs ultra fast acquisition

Raw image data with their metadata are saved in 16 bits TIFF format, compatible with open source or commercial software for further 3D display and analysis