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SmartScan provides ultra fast Z-stacking capabilities for microscopy applications by remotely scanning image planes.

Z-scanning is achieved without moving sample stage or objective thus allowing vibration free and fast acquisition time only limited by camera performance.

As aberration free and diffraction limited optical devices, SmartScan optical Z-scanner provides precise and repeatable Z-steps.

SmartScan fits in between microscope turret and objective. SmartScan is compatible with all kind of microscopes: upright / inverted, BF, FL, SPIM, 2Photons, etc. and require no microscope modification or additional accessories. All types of objectives magnification / NA can be used,including high numerical aperture diiping lenses.

Sucessfully used for applications such as: Live Imaging of cellular dynamics, 3D neuronal activity – High-speed volumetric imaging of weak fluorescent specimens – Electrophysiology, calcium imaging – Fast 3D recording of dynamic events or moving specimens – 3D Deconvolution – Extended depth of focus – 3D Quantitative imaging

Z-Stacking at camera frame rate 

3D acquisition speed only limited by camera performance,  i.e volume acquisition @ 75 image planes / second, full resolution 2048 x 2048 with sCMOS camera, CameraLink interface, trigger mode

Vibration free 3D acquisition

Samples in a fixed / steady position during acquisition

No objective or stage move thanks to remote focusing principle

3D Add-on compatible with all microscopy techniques 

Brightfield, fluorescence, selective plane illumination microscopy, 2 photon microscopy, upright or inverted microscope stands

Precise and repeatable

Highly stable scanning for 3D and time lapse acquisition

Microscope Interface
Mounting on objective turret
Supplied with thread adaptors : m27x0.75 m25x0.75 W0.8/RMS
Scanning Range / Step
Range = 60mm / (G_Obj)²
G_Obg = Objective magnification
Scanning speed
50 images / second, synchronized with camera trigger
< 10ms full range motion
< 1ms step motion
Connections && PC Interface
Electronic control unit with USB2 connection
Trigger In / Out from control box to camera

QtImage software (compatible with supported cameras only), includes comprehensive acquisition and display tools:

z-stacking and time lapse acquisition

Multichannel acquisition

Export to 3rd party software

Integration tool :

Slave mode through analog input