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About Us

Since its inception over a decade ago, PhaseView masters breakthrough innovation persistently as a result of its largest part of investment directed towards R&D and product development. PhaseView has engineered unique technologies from digital wavefront technology adding novel analysis tools for laser beam profiling to material microscopy enhancing 3D imaging capabilities of any microscope system.

PhaseView has recently introduced a new generation of light sheet microscopes addressing the needs in life science instrumentation for high temporal and spatial resolution microscopy systems.

PhaseView specializes in precision instruments for the industrial, medical and scientific markets. Working closely with our customers, PhaseView offers catalog products, custom instruments, products co-development and licensing opportunities.

Directions To PhaseView Headquarters

2, Impasse de la Noisette Batiment B, Hall B3, Suite B311 91370 Verrieres Le Buisson, France
PhaseView is located in the so-called Optics Valley, 15km south west from downtown Paris