light sheet microscopes

Alpha3 series of light sheet microscopes address the spatial high-resolution 3D imaging from small live model organisms large cleared organs or entire specimens. The combine cutting-edge technologies for optimal image quality, that necessary flexibility and modularity expected for research instruments and unrivaled user experience for seamless 3D imaging experiments.


Alpha3 Light Sheet Microscope by PhaseView

Alpha3 Facility Edition

Alpha3 Facility Edition Light Sheet Microscope by PhaseView


  • Ultra sharp optical sectioning
  • Intensity homogeneity
  • Constant thickness
  • Artifacts-free imaging
  • High dynamic range
  • Fast image acquisition


  • Broad range of objective magnifications
  • High performance clearing objectives
  • Full range of mounting accessories for small and large specimen
  • Optional modules for specific imagingĀ  modalities


  • Fast and reproducible sample mounting
  • Easy microscope access and handling
  • Easy switch from macro to micro view
  • Automated microscope configuration
  • Interactive 3D viewer
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